Cole inducted into Premier League Hall of Fame


Chelsea Credit: Andrew Dempsey (ETPhotos)

Ashley Cole has become the latest inductee into the English Premier League Hall of Fame.

The former Arsenal and Chelsea defender won three titles during his career and he was a member of the Arenal Invincibles team who went unbeaten in the 03/04 season.

He made 385 appearances in the Premier League and scored 15 goals.

“I’m honoured to join the Premier League Hall of Fame," said Cole in a statement on the Premier League website.

"It’s humbling and fulfilling to be rewarded at the end of your career.

“I went through my career just trying to give my best and be good enough. You take it day by day and game by game. As a young kid, you never dream of any of this and you just do it for the love of the game of football.

“I played for some fantastic clubs with incredible fans. Winning trophies with my boyhood club Arsenal and with Chelsea are amazing memories that will always be with me.

“It’s emotional to reflect because a lot of hard work has been put in. To join the Hall of Fame alongside the likes of Alan Shearer, Thierry Henry, Didier Drogba and Rio Ferdinand, I’m privileged to be in their company.”