Luke Jordan

Luke Jordan

Luke joined the team in 2022 and is the current host of the podcast.

He’s been a follower of the league since 2007 after the FAI Soccer camps gave out free season tickets to the club of your choice and he’s been hooked since.

When he is not on the Camac Terrace in Richmond Park on a Friday night, he can also be seen reporting on games in the League of Ireland.

He can be found on X (formerly Twitter) @L_Jordan4.

Oisin Langan

Oisin Langan

Oisin Langan is the current host of the League of Ireland Voice Notes podcast.

Oisin is a commentator with the BBC and on occasion Via Play, Sky Sports, RTÉ Radio and TV & Dubs TV.

He presented The LOI Show, a weekly highlights show for the League of Ireland produced by the FAI.

Oisin is also a Consultant in Sports Marketing.


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