Caoimhin Kelleher: 'The pathway to number one at Liverpool is certainly there'

Mon, Oct 11 2021
Caoimhín Kelleher

Caoimhín Kelleher Credit: Michael P Ryan (ETPhotos)

Seán O'Connor reports from FAI HQ in Abbotstown

Liverpool’s number two Caoimhin Kelleher spoke at Monday's pre-match press conference ahead of the Qatar game about the bond the goalkeeping group has within the Ireland squad, and his hopes of one day becoming Liverpool’s number one. 

“It’s quite a close goalkeeping group,” Kelleher said.

“We all train collectively and we all want to get the win. I'm happy to see Gavin (Bazunu) do well. We've known each other for three or four years now, and we get along well.

“The pathway to number one at Liverpool is certainly there,” the Cork-man added. 

“You have to have that mentality, if I get a chance I’ll take it but I'm taking it day by day. Hopefully one day I'll get that opportunity. 

“You're training with some of the best players in the world. It's quite a high level, I just want to better myself. It's great to be in there and learn. I'm so happy to be training at such a high level.”  

Kelleher told the media that he has no regrets about not heading out on loan, as Gavin Bazunu has done this season and last.

“I don't regret anything,” said Kelleher. “It’s different for everyone, different individuals, it’s different journeys. The way my career is going is completely different, so I don’t have any regrets. I’m happy to do what I do and how it has turned out.”

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