Uefa confirm all Champions League and Europa League qualification games to take place behind closed doors

Thu, Jul 09 2020

All Uefa games are to be played behind closed doors until further notice. Credit: Michael P Ryan (ETPhotos)

Uefa have announced that all Uefa fixtures will be behind doors until further notice, in a move that will affect the four Irish clubs who are due to take their spots in the qualification rounds of European competitions next month.

Last month Uefa postponed a decision on the matter but following a meeting today of the European governing bodies Executive committee the decision has been taken to put a blanket ban in place for all spectators.

A statement released this evening explained the reasoning behind the decision with a number of mitigating factors being listed such as: “The protection of the health of all those involved in the matches as well as the public at large; a responsibility to provide the safest environment for matches in order to guarantee the progress of competitions; as well as ensuring sporting fairness within a very inconsistent landscape (with some countries allowing and some forbidding stadium attendances).

The restrictions come into effect for the remaining games of the 2019/2020 Champions League, Europa League, Women’s Champions League; and Uefa Youth League.

Finally Uefa explained that due to the qualification rounds of the Champions League and Europa League taking place as one legged ties as of oppose to the conventional two legged affairs, the behind closed doors precedence will continue for those games in order to ensure sporting fairness.