Extratime Sportscast Italia 90 Day 20 - England v Cameroon and West Germany v Czechoslovakia

Wed, Jul 01 2020

None Credit: Macdara Ferris (ETPhotos)

Today we find out who will join Argentina and Italy in the semi finals of Italia 90. 
Rudi Voller returns with a saliva-free perm for the Germans to take on a somewhat header-obsessed Czechoslovakia side. 
And in an all time Italia 90 classic, England with reckless abandon of their defensive game have binned Steve McMahon for Platty which should mean plenty of openings for a truly entertaining Cameroon side.

There's more Milla skipping and wiggling, Oman-Biyaak's outrageous gymnastics and some top theatrics from the Mexican referee. 
And back in Ireland there are absolute scenes for 'Jack & the lads' homecoming as Haughey pulls what we now know as a 'Shane Ross' and RTÉ have created a giant crystal World Cup replica. 


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