Joe Redmond: 'There are lads in there that have played in that final and they speak about the week leading up to it, and everyone wants a taste of it'


Joe Redmond Credit: Eddie Lennon (ETPhotos)

Paul Corcoran reports from the Aviva Stadium

With the dust settled between Galway United and Bohemians on Saturday afternoon, the focus switches to who will join the Gypsies in the FAI Cup Final in November when Cork City host St Patrick’s Athletic at Turners Cross on Sunday (kick-off 2.40pm).

The Saints head back to Cork having just come away with a win in the Premier Division just over a week ago and club captain Joe Redmond is pleased to have that experience coming into such a big game as his side look to set up a repeat of the 2021 FAI Cup FInal.

“Having the experience of being down there last Friday was great for us and coming into this game on Sunday, look where we're fully focused on putting in a good performance and trying to put a right stance on it to get to that final,” the defender said, speaking to at the Sports Direct FAI Cup Semi-Final Media Day on Wednesday.

“It'll benefit both of us playing against each other and finding out what both are like.

“But look, we knew how tough a game it was last Friday. We came out with the positive result. But don't get me wrong, it was a very tough game down there.”

Redmond is a former Rebel himself – the 23 year old spent a brief spell with Cork City in 2020 but was recalled to Birmingham City in May of that year when the League of Ireland was suspended due the Covid Pandemic.

He played just a handful of games for City and the Saints man is expecting a great atmosphere at the game on Sunday – with the player relishing he opportunity to partake in games like this.

“I was only down there for a few games, and it was before COVID. Going back down, it was nothing strange, it was just going back down to try and get the three points.

“So there was no real sort of feeling as such of being back at a previous club because it wasn’t a long stint or anything there. I was happy to just come away from there with the win.

“They’ll come out in their numbers, that's for sure. We've got a load going down as well on Sunday which will be loud as always, and they'll be up for it.

“That's why you play football, to play in front of packed away crowds and play in front of big crowds. There's no better feeling coming out in the stadium being full whether at home or away.

“It's a great feeling and it drives you on and it makes you want to win the game.”

With just four games to go in the Premier Division, St Patrick’s Athletic are six points off the top of the table but Redmond doesn’t see the FAI Cup as a distraction instead taking each game as it comes regardless of the competition.

“It’s a great thing to have both side going but we'll never switch off from one or the other. There's never – we're playing in the club, forget about the league – it’s your next game you have to be fully focused on and I mean, if you're not, you'll find yourself in trouble.

“There are lads in there that have played in that final and they speak about the week leading up to it and everyone wants a taste of it.

“Everyone wants to play in there in front of a big crowd because as I said, that's why we all play football and that's like at the end goal is getting silverware and that's what we want to do as a team and that's what we'll be driving to do on Sunday and that's the next step for us.”