'Just Follow the Floodlights' a must buy

Tue, Oct 18 2011

Over the last two weeks author Brian Kennedy has been launching his new book 'Just Follow the Floodlights' at various league grounds. The book is a must have for every League of  Ireland fan.

Kennedy’s book will be the first to catalogue the history of all 47 clubs that have played in the league over its 110 year history.

Speaking to Extratime.ie prior to the launch Brian said: “I’ve done seven books before this but no one has ever a done a full book on every single club which has played League of Ireland. There were 47 going back to 1921. What I wanted to do was make the book a history of all the clubs. To validate the books I thought I should go to all 21 grounds.

“I wanted to go to the ground to see everything from the attendance, the admission fee and even what the mascot is like. I wanted to make this a book for the lads that travel the length of Ireland every second week. On top of that I interview a kind of 'who's who' of League of Ireland football people form Jim McLaughlin to Pat Fenlon – anyone who has been well known throughout the years.

“There are over 200 photographs in the book and some of these photos are some real old nostalgic types. The whole book is written in such a way that no one could write another one and have more than what I have in it. I just wanted to capture everything.”

The cover of the book is a stunning photograph, taken by Extratime's very own Peter O'Doherty. The book launched last Friday night in Dalymount Park, and Kennedy says a hell of a lot of work went in to writing it.

“It took me about seven months which is a catastrophic amount of time to write a book. I was doing 16 hours a day on it, but I just have of habit of when I write I just don't stop! Hopefully League of Ireland fanatics will buy it, I think they will but also the people who don't attend league of Ireland games anymore because there is so much nostalgic in the book.


“I could not have humanly possible taken more care with regard to statistics. I didn't just take the club's historian for stats – I doubled checked everything. It was of paramount importance to me to
get statics right. There are some great statistics, for example when Dundalk won the cup in 1958 they became the second club to do it without conceding a goal. I give the stats on who the played in the first round and even the attendance in the final. That type of thing. I've gone overboard on some of those things but I know some people like their stats!

“When I started off writing the book I was on my own. I used all my own money to travel to grounds. Airtricity have been kind enough to sponsor me for all the book launches I'm doing around Ireland and I'd like to really thank them for that,” he concluded.

"Just Follow the Floodlights" by Brian Kennedy costs just €19.95 and is available now online or at launches at football grounds around the country.