Reporter rivalry put to one side as ET team up to run for LauraLynn

LauraLynn running t-shirt

LauraLynn running t-shirt Credit: Tom O'Connor (ETPhotos)

Weekend number one of the League of Ireland midseason break and supporters around the country may be seeking their football fix for the week ahead from the safety of the couch as the European Championships are beamed into our sitting rooms live from Germany.

At Extratime HQ, however, we do things a little differently and two of our intrepid reporters are without the luck of any sort of a midseason pause. Dublin based Andrew Dempsey and Tom O'Connor, located in Dundalk, have hit the halfway point in their 50 miles Run in June Challenge in aid of LauraLynn. 

Predominantly based in Louth, O’Connor took up the challenge as a way to kickstart running again as well as raise money for a very worthy cause in the shape of the children's hospice. For Dempsey, it's also a case of getting miles under the belt to collect funds for a charity based in his locality.

LauraLynn is Ireland's Children's Hospice and based on their website, their mission is to provide a Community of Care that delivers evidence-based, personalised services to children with palliative care needs, complex care needs and complex disabilities, while also providing family support services and a home to our residents where quality-of-life is paramount. For more information see

If anyone wishes to donate to either challenge, the links are located below.



Thank you for your support, enjoy the break and we look forward to seeing many of you at a League of Ireland ground soon.