New balls please – UEFA unveil new Champions League adidas football


Credit: adidas

Ahead of the group stages of the Champions League, UEFA have launched new adidas footballs for both the men’s and women’s competition.

UEFA note that the design is ‘inspired by the pre-match anthems that reverberate around stadiums at the start of every game, the new designs pay tribute to these iconic symphonies and the irreplaceable feelings of excitement and anticipation that come with them.’

Set on a metallic silver background, the men’s official match ball integrates a single letter from the instantly recognisable chorus lyric – ‘THE CHAMPIONS’ – on to each of the 12 stars.

For the Women’s Champions League football, the design incorporates the lyrics of the competition song in two of the ball’s eye-catching star panels.

The remaining ten stars feature a wavy purple and pink print to create, according to UEFA, ‘an abstract and attention-grabbing look’.