Extratime.com Podcast - Season 9 - Episode 23 - Vinny Perth - Alan Mathews - Dave Donnelly - Brendan Gallagher

Fri, Oct 29 2021
Oisin Langan will present the Extratime.com Podcast

Oisin Langan will present the Extratime.com Podcast Credit:


On the extratime.com Friday Podcast with Oisin Langan we talk to Dave Donnelly (11:15) on Ian Morris's departure from Shelbourne, the weekend fixtures, and on whether he likes the First Division play-off structure.

They also chat about the Republic of Ireland's 2-1 win against Finland. 

We hear from Dundalk's Vinny Perth (3:52) as well as St Patrick's Athletic's Alan Mathews (7:45). 

Reigning champions Ballymun Kickhams suffered a defeat to Lucan Sarsfields in the quarter-finals. A late Brendan Gallagher free with the last kick of the game sealed a 1-16 to 0-18 win for Lucan at Parnell Park. Oisin chats to Gallagher after the win (34:55)

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