Extratime.com Podcast - Season 9 - Episode 22 - Gavin Peers - Amber Barrett - Graham Hannigan - Colin Fennelly - Dave Donnelly

Fri, Oct 22 2021
Oisin Langan will present the Extratime.com Podcast

Oisin Langan will present the Extratime.com Podcast Credit:

The extratime.com Friday Podcast with Oisin Langan is now available.

On this week’s show we talk to Dublin Live reporter Dave Donnelly about the Republic of Ireland performance against Sweden and we hear from Amber Barrett after her side’s narrow defeat.

Gavin Peers talks to Oisin about the upcoming FAI Cup semi-final matches.

Graham Hannigan previews Castleknock’s Football Quarter-Final against Ballyboden St. Endas on Sunday.

We also hear from Colin Fennelly about the surprise appointment of Henry Shefflin as Galway manager.

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