PFAI confirm League of Ireland players will take a knee before games in solidarity with Black Lives Matter

Thu, Jul 23 2020

Players from all 20 clubs will take a knee before games when the league resumes. Credit: John-Paul McGinley (ETPhotos)

The Professional Footballers’ Association of Ireland have confirmed that their members will take a knee before games when the League of Ireland resumes next week.

Since the resumption, players across European leagues have taken a knee before games to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, which protests police violence and structural racism against Black people.

Protests have been ongoing for two months in cities across the United States and Europe after Minneapolis resident George Floyd was asphyxiated and killed on the street by police officers.

Since the English Premier League restarted in May, with names replaced with the phrase “Black Lives Matters in the first week,” players have taken the knee before each game.

And the players’ union for the League of Ireland have confirmed the same gesture of solidarity will be employed when football returns on July 31st until its conclusion on September 27th.

“Following discussions between our club delegates and through Des Tomlinson FAI Intercultural officer it’s been agreed that our members will take a knee from the restart of the season to recongise the black lives matter campaign.

“The players will continue this for 8 series of games to mark the untimely death of George Floyd and stand in strong solidarity with fellow professionals, civil society and the world wide campaign for equality and fair treatment in life and sport.

“The series of games will rum [sic] from July 31st to September 27th.

“We would like to thank the FAI for their assistance on this and the league steering group which includes referees and clubs for their support.”