extratime.com Italia90 Sportscast Day 22 - Semi Final - England v West Germany

Sun, Jul 05 2020

None Credit: Macdara Ferris (ETPhotos)

A fascinating semi-final from Turin's Stadio delle Alpi between England and West Germanh with two sides as eager for revenge on Argentina and Maradona as they are to get to the final. 

A tactically shaky England face questions for needing to change the system to see off Cameroon while a nervous Franz Beckenbaur admits West Germany are relieved to see the familiar (predictable?) English instead of the African side.

This semi has it all. Tears, big looping deflections and calls for "penalty competition" to be changed to the Poc fada. 

Plus back in Ireland, there's talk of a Jack v Eamo showdown, Brendan Grace is cracking Frank Sinatra up and we invent a new term for goal scoring fullbacks.


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