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extratime.ie Sportscast Italia 90 Day 3 - West Germany v Yugoslavia, Brazil v Sweden & USA v Czechoslovakia

Wed, Jun 10 2020

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It's a big day today at Italia 90, with two of the big hitters in action.  

West Germany captained by the immaculate, although somewhat detestable, figure of Lothar Mathaus kick their tournament off against a Yugoslavia squad picked with an eye on avoiding civil war. 

Brazil, moving away from the beloved Joga Bonita era, head into the not too fondly remembered 'Era Dunga'. Can their defenders pretend to look interested up against Sweden's dynamic Thomas Brolin?

And the USA walk into the unfamiliar territory of professional soccer against Czechoslovakia in their last ever World Cup tournament. 

In the Irish camp Dave O'Leary bites his lip and the pro Andy Townsend propaganda continues. 

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