German FA confirm that no players will face action after messages of solidarity with George Floyd

Wed, Jun 03 2020

The German FA (DFB) have confirmed that their control body will take no action against a number of its players after they displayed messages in support of George Floyd last weekend.

‘Achraf Hakimi, Jadon Sancho (both of Borussia Dortmund), Weston McKennie (FC Schalke 04) and Marcus Thuram (Borussia Mönchengladbach) will not face sanctions for their symbols of solidarity with George Floyd,’ the statement read.

They also added that ‘this line will be also be taken should further players make demonstrations against racism and the death of Floyd over the course of upcoming matchdays’.

Chairman of the DFB’s control body, Dr Anton Nachreiner said: “It goes without saying that the DFB’s control body always has FIFA and DFB regulations in mind.

“In this specific case, however, these are deliberate actions of anti-racism by the players, who are thus campaigning for the very values which the DFB seeks to uphold.

“So no action will be taken now, nor in the case of further anti-racism demonstrations over coming weeks.”

And DFB President Fritz Keller added: “I welcome the control body's far-sighted decision and am very pleased with it.

“The DFB is opposed to all forms of racism, discrimination and violence, and stands for tolerance, openness and diversity - all values that are also deeply ingrained with the DFB statutes.

“That's why the players' actions have our respect and understanding.”