87% of League of Ireland players back return to training and matches in PFAI survey

Fri, May 15 2020

None Credit: Eddie Lennon (ETPhotos)

87% of League of Ireland players have said that they favour a return to both training and matches in a PFAI run survey.

The PFAI’s study collected the views of 285 players in a ‘return to play survey’ that recently took place.

It was also confirmed in the survey that 87% of players would like to see Covid-19 testing in place for players on their return to training.

In addition, ‘92% of those surveyed are agreeable to weekly or bi-weekly testing for Covid-19 throughout the season’.   

There have been talks taking place over the past couple of days and weeks where stakeholders have discussed a return to action.

There has been no League of Ireland action taking place since mid-March, after the FAI imposed a suspension on all football activities.


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