Dubliner Paul O'Reilly steps down as Southern United boss

Mon, Feb 03 2020

Credit: Southern United

Dubliner Paul O’Reilly has stepped down in his role as Southern United boss as he is set to return home to Ireland to take up a new opportunity.

O’Reilly has been residing in New Zealand for the previous four-and-a-half years, where he has been involved in a coaching capacity with Southern United.

“From a personal perspective I’ve been living here now for five years, I’ve got two young kids, the oldest of which is about to start school, my partner is Irish, we’ve been away from home for five years so that family support is something we’ve constantly been wanting more of around the kids.

“It’s not getting any cheaper to live in Dunedin unfortunately, especially with a family.” O’Reilly said on his return home.

“On a professional perspective, I’m just not sure if the longevity of the role for me is there anymore.

“Like I said we’ve worked on it lots with the club and Chris, there is extremely big challenges for Southern United as a football club.

“It’s been a brilliant time for me, but those challenges and the pathway ahead is probably not as clear as I would like it to be, especially based off of the National League review, but not just challenges for Southern United I’m sure.”

He added; “I can only apologise for the timing. I’d have loved to have seen the season out and while I apologise for the timing, I don’t apologise for the decision because ultimately it is what is best for my family.

“I’m going home to Ireland, I’m not jumping ship and going to another club in New Zealand, we are going to go home and get the family support we want.

“I’ve got a job opportunity waiting at home in Ireland, the timing of which they weren’t really willing to extend the offer, so it was a ‘take the offer and move back right now’ or get to the end of the season and not be as secure.”