extratime.com Sportscast - Restart Review and Sligo v Waterford Postponement

by Declan Marron
As the news breaks of Sligo v Waterford's postponed fixture tomorrow, Declan Marron speaks to Sligo's Ronan Coughlan on the teams reaction to this development, last week's resurgent win and whether Sligo fans should expect to see him on OnlyFans anytime soon. 

Dave Donnelly and Macdara Ferris are back to talk about the league restart, the success of WATCHLOI and reporting from empty grounds (06.57).

With a round of fixtures finally in the bag, the lads discuss each of the Premier Division games (12.33).with a post match interview with Shamrock Rovers boss Stephen Bradley after his side's 3-1 win over Finn Harps (22.54).

There's also plenty of discussion on the First Division games with the defiance on the ban of paid streams (51.39) and a post match interview with Drogheda manager Tim Clancy following his come from behind draw in Tallaght in the First Division(1.00.47).

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