extratime.ie Sportscast Italia 90 Specials - A Prelude

by Declan Marron

Join Declan Marron, Dave Donnelly & Turlough Kelly of the Irish Football Chronicles Podcast for a new daily show celebrating the 30th anniversary of Italia 90. 

The lads will be bringing you a new podcast every game day from 8th June - 8th July discussing every team, every goal and checking in with the Irish camp for their first ever World Cup Finals. 

On the eve of the tournament kicking off there's talk of the nineties football landscape, how Italy were awarded the 1990 World Cup and the journeys each team took through their respective confederations to get to the finals. 

You can listen via the links below - on TuneIn radio, iTunes, Spotify or any of your favourite podcast apps. Remember to comment, rate and subscribe! 


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