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The Ecuador national football team are governed by the Ecuadorian Football Federation and compete in FIFA's CONMEBOL confederation. They play their home games at the Estadio OlĂ­mpico Atahualpa in the nation's capitol Quito.

Ecuador first qualified for a World Cup Finals in 2002 and also reached the Finals in 2006 and 2014.

Squad Breakdown
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NameDate of BirthPosition
Maximo Banguera Maximo Banguera 	Ecuador	 16 Dec 1985 Goalkeeper
Alexander Dominguez Alexander Dominguez 	Ecuador	 05 Jun 1987 Goalkeeper
Adrian Bone Adrian Bone 	Ecuador	 08 Sep 1988 Goalkeeper
Gabriel Achilier Gabriel Achilier 	Ecuador	 24 Mar 1985 Defender
Walter Ayovi Walter Ayovi 	Ecuador	 11 Aug 1979 Defender
Oscar Bagui Oscar Bagui 	Ecuador	 10 Dec 1982 Defender
Frickson Erazo Frickson Erazo 	Ecuador	 05 May 1988 Defender
Jorge Guagua Jorge Guagua 	Ecuador	 28 Sep 1981 Defender
Juan Carlos Paredes Juan Carlos Paredes 	Ecuador	 08 Jul 1987 Defender
Christian Noboa Christian Noboa 	Ecuador	 09 Apr 1985 Midfield
Carlos Gruezo Carlos Gruezo 	Ecuador	 19 Apr 1995 Midfield
Renato Ibarra Renato Ibarra 	Ecuador	 20 Jan 1991 Midfield
Fidel Martinez Fidel Martinez 	Ecuador	 15 Feb 1990 Midfield
Edison Mendez Edison Mendez 	Ecuador	 16 Mar 1979 Midfield
Luis Saritama Luis Saritama 	Ecuador	 20 Oct 1983 Midfield
Oswaldo Minda Oswaldo Minda 	Ecuador	 26 Jul 1983 Midfield
Antonio Valencia Antonio Valencia 	Ecuador	 04 Aug 1985 Forward
Jaime Ayovi Jaime Ayovi 	Ecuador	 21 Feb 1988 Forward
Felipe Caicedo Felipe Caicedo 	Ecuador	 05 Sep 1988 Forward
Jefferson Montero Jefferson Montero 	Ecuador	 01 Sep 1989 Forward
Joao Rojas Joao Rojas 	Ecuador	 14 Jun 1989 Forward
Enner Valencia Enner Valencia 	Ecuador	 11 Apr 1989 Forward
Michael Arroyo Michael Arroyo 	Ecuador	 23 Apr 1987 Forward
Last Six Results
Ecuador scores first

25 Jun France (H) 0 - 0
20 Jun Honduras (A) 2 - 1
15 Jun Switzerland (A) 1 - 2
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