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The Chile national football team are governed by the Chilean Football Federation. They have qualified for the World Cup Finals on eight occasions and hosted the tournament in 1962.

Squad Breakdown
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NameDate of BirthPosition
Johnny Herrera Johnny Herrera 	Chile	 09 May 1981 Goalkeeper
Christopher Toselli Christopher Toselli 	Chile	 15 Jun 1988 Goalkeeper
Miika Albornoz Miika Albornoz Sweden	 30 Nov 1990 Defender
Gary Medel Gary Medel 	Chile	 03 Aug 1987 Defender
Gonzalo Jara Gonzalo Jara 	Chile	 29 Aug 1985 Defender
Jose Rojas Jose Rojas 	Chile	 23 Jun 1983 Defender
Eugenio Mena Eugenio Mena 	Chile	 18 Jul 1988 Defender
Mauricio Isla Mauricio Isla 	Chile	 12 Jun 1988 Defender
Enzo Roco Enzo Roco 	Chile	 Unavailable Defender
Enzo Roco Enzo Roco 	Chile	 Unavailable Defender
Paulo Diaz Paulo Diaz 	Chile	 Unavailable Defender
Jorge Valdivia Jorge Valdivia 	Chile	 19 Oct 1983 Midfield
Felipe Gutierrez Felipe Gutierrez 	Chile	 08 Oct 1990 Midfield
Jose Pedro Fuenzalida Jose Pedro Fuenzalida 	Chile	 22 Feb 1985 Midfield
Francisco Silva Francisco Silva 	Chile	 11 Feb 1986 Midfield
Charles Aranguiz Charles Aranguiz 	Chile	 17 Apr 1989 Midfield
Marcelo Diaz Marcelo Diaz 	Chile	 30 Dec 1986 Midfield
Carlos Carmona Carlos Carmona 	Chile	 21 Feb 1987 Midfield
Jean Beausejour Jean Beausejour 	Chile	 01 Jun 1984 Midfield
Alexis Sanchez Alexis Sanchez 	Chile	 19 Dec 1988 Forward
Eduardo Vargas Eduardo Vargas 	Chile	 20 Nov 1989 Forward
Mauricio Pinilla Mauricio Pinilla 	Chile	 04 Feb 1984 Forward
Fabian Orellana Fabian Orellana 	Chile	 27 Jan 1986 Forward
Esteban Paredes Esteban Paredes 	Chile	 01 Aug 1980 Forward
Edson Puch Edson Puch 	Chile	 Unavailable Forward
Angelo Sagal Angelo Sagal 	Chile	 Unavailable Forward
Martin Rodriguez Martin Rodriguez 	Chile	 Unavailable Forward
Leonardo Valencia Leonardo Valencia 	Chile	 Unavailable Forward
Last Six Results
Chile scores first

02 Jul Germany (H) 0 - 1
25 Jun Australia (H) 1 - 1
22 Jun Germany (A) 1 - 1
18 Jun Cameroon (A) 2 - 0
28 Jun Brazil (A) 1 - 1
23 Jun Netherlands (A) 0 - 2
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