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The Honduras national team play in the CONCACAF federation and have qualified for three World Cup Finals, in 1982, 2010 and 2014.

Squad Breakdown
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NameDate of BirthPosition
Noel Valladares Noel Valladares Honduras	 03 May 1977 Goalkeeper
Donis Escober Donis Escober Honduras	 03 Feb 1981 Goalkeeper
Luis Lopez Luis Lopez Honduras	 13 Sep 1993 Goalkeeper
Kevin Hernandez Kevin Hernandez Honduras	 Unavailable Goalkeeper
Ricardo Canales Ricardo Canales Honduras	 Unavailable Goalkeeper
Brayan Beckeles Brayan Beckeles Honduras	 28 Nov 1985 Defender
Juan Carlos Garcia Juan Carlos Garcia Honduras	 08 Mar 1988 Defender
Maynor Figueroa Maynor Figueroa Honduras	 02 May 1983 Defender
Victor Bernardez Victor Bernardez Honduras	 24 May 1982 Defender
Osman Chavez Osman Chavez Honduras	 29 Jul 1984 Defender
Juan Pablo Montes Juan Pablo Montes Honduras	 26 Oct 1985 Defender
Henry Figueroa Henry Figueroa Honduras	 Unavailable Defender
Johnny Palacios Johnny Palacios Honduras	 Unavailable Defender
Ever Alvarado Ever Alvarado Honduras	 Unavailable Defender
Félix Crisanto Félix Crisanto Honduras	 Unavailable Defender
Carlos Alfredo Sanchez Carlos Alfredo Sanchez Honduras	 Unavailable Defender
Luis Garrido Luis Garrido Honduras	 05 Nov 1990 Midfield
Roger Espinoza Roger Espinoza Honduras	 25 Oct 1986 Midfield
Jorge Claros Jorge Claros Honduras	 08 Jan 1986 Midfield
Wilson Palacios Wilson Palacios Honduras	 29 Jul 1984 Midfield
Oscar Boniek Garcia Oscar Boniek Garcia Honduras	 04 Sep 1984 Midfield
Andy Najar Andy Najar Honduras	 16 Mar 1993 Midfield
Mario Martinez Mario Martinez Honduras	 30 Jul 1989 Midfield
Marvin Chavez Marvin Chavez Honduras	 03 Nov 1983 Midfield
Edder Delgado Edder Delgado Honduras	 20 Nov 1986 Midfield
Jorge Claros Jorge Claros Honduras	 Unavailable Midfield
Alfredo Mejia Alfredo Mejia Honduras	 Unavailable Midfield
Alex López Alex López Honduras	 Unavailable Midfield
Bryan Acosta Bryan Acosta Honduras	 Unavailable Midfield
Michaell Chirinos Michaell Chirinos Honduras	 Unavailable Midfield
Sergio Pena Sergio Pena Honduras	 Unavailable Midfield
Jerry Bengtson Jerry Bengtson Honduras	 08 Apr 1987 Forward
Jerry Palacios Jerry Palacios Honduras	 01 Nov 1981 Forward
Carlo Costly Carlo Costly Honduras	 18 Jul 1982 Forward
Rony Martinez Rony Martinez Honduras	 16 Aug 1988 Forward
Ovidio Lanza Ovidio Lanza Honduras	 Unavailable Forward
Anthony Lozano Anthony Lozano Honduras	 Unavailable Forward
Romell Quioto Romell Quioto Honduras	 Unavailable Forward
Eddie Hernandez Eddie Hernandez Honduras	 Unavailable Forward
Alberth Elis Alberth Elis Honduras	 Unavailable Forward
Last Six Results
Honduras scores first

15 Nov Australia (A) 1 - 3
10 Nov Australia (H) 0 - 0
25 Jun Switzerland (H) 0 - 3
20 Jun Ecuador (H) 1 - 2
15 Jun France (A) 0 - 3
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